About HSwing.Com

My partner and I have been living with the HSV (Herpes) Virus  for 21 and 6 years respectively.  For any of you who have been living with the “gift” of Herpes/HSV for years, you know what a wonderful thing the internet has been.  It provided a wealth of information on HSV (Hepres) and has given us the opportunity to meet others with “Herpes” and feel “normal” when it comes to the relationship scene. 

My partner and I talked about developing this site for over two years.   We always wanted to participate in the “Swinging” scene.  We put profiles up on several swinging sites and chatted with people but ultimately never met anyone out of ethics. 

Numerous times we jokingly said to each other we should just make our own site.  Maybe there was some self-interest involved at first, but after doing some research we realized that there were a lot of other people out there in our situation who wanted a swinging site for people with Herpes, and there were no sites that met the "Herpes Swinging" or "Swinging with Herpes" need.  As such, this site was developed to let Swingers with Herpes come together to meet.  It is or intent to let you just be you, and to provide a community where we can all have fun and enjoy one another.  No worries about disclosure.  No worries about passing this virus on to other members of the swing scene.

So here we are!  www.HSwing.comA Sex and Swingers Community for Adults with HSV!!! 

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